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Trip Overview (2011)

Page history last edited by Michael Jewitt 13 years ago

[Every year a new group works with MdL on new projects.  This overview page is a general introduction to your group and houses links to each of your groups individual project team pages.  Please feel free to be creative and change this format to make it more appropriate.  You can rename this page "Trip Overview (200_)" with the link on the right.  All the bracketed information is for explanation and should not be kept in your final page.  This page can be included in the sidebar for easy access from the Frontpage.  Please try to follow the naming patterns and link to other existing pages whenever possible to allow for easy navigation throughout this Wiki.  I hope this template and Wiki are helpful to you and your team.]



[insert whole group picture]




[insert a general introduction to your group and your year of working with MdL]



Project Teams


Project Year Team Leader Team Leader Email
Test Project [2011] Brutus Buckeye

[linked email using  button] 


Choluteca Team   2011     
Computer Team
Liz Hudak
Tilapia Team 2011 Mike Guthrie



Biodigester team (2011) 2011 Sarah Watzman watzman.4@buckeyemail.osu.edu


Future Projects

Team Leader
Team Leader Email
MdL Water Distribution Topic TBD





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