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Trip Overview (2007)

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The 2007 group was the third group trip to Montana de Luz.  There were a significant number of returning students as well as new students on the trip.  Everyone was very excited for the trip and passionate about their projects.  There were four main teams assembled which were Computer, Mechanical-Electrical, Water, and Agriculture.     


Aside from the team projects, the group also did some exciting things in Honduras.  On our day off, most of the team went hiking to a waterfall in the cloud forrest in la Tigra (a national park in Honduras) and others went to the nearby town of Valle.  A wealth of rainbows were spotted on the trip including ones where the beginning and the end could be seen on the ground.  They were beautiful!  The group was also given the opportunity to go to the paper factory in Nueva Esperanza and be given a tour of how the paper is made.  We played with the kids everyday and  got to swimming at a local pool and visit the local pulporia in the evening. 




Project Teams


Project Year Team Leader Team Leader Email
Computers 2007 Jake Adams  adams.635@osu.edu 
Industrial Kitchen Vent 2007 Michele Nielsen  nielsen.56@osu.edu 
Rainwater Collection 2007 Aimee Gall  gall.47  @  osu.edu 
Water Quality 2007 Theresa Vonder Haar  vonder-haar.2@osu.edu  
Composting 2007 Ellis Robinson  robinson.838@osu.edu 
Agriculture 2007 Mark Andre  andre.10@osu.edu 



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