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How To: create a project page

Page history last edited by ErinKeating 14 years, 4 months ago

Say it is the year 2100 and you are on the new Water Quality team for MdL.  Despite all 95 years of previous work, MdL's water supply is still not safe and sustainable.   You want to create a new page for your project at the beginning of your winter quarter ENG 692 class.  Here is how you can do it.


  • To edit the Wiki, create an account

  • go to the wiki (ecos4mdl.pbwiki.com

  • click, create an account on the right of the page

  • Create a new page.

  • Create a page (on the right side of the FrontPage)

  • name the page [e.g. Water Quality (2100) ]

  • put it in the Projects folder

  • choose the MdL Project Template

  • Create page!

  • Link the page to your year's Trip Overview (if not already done)

  • if your year doesn't yet have a Trip Overview page, make one:

  • Create a page (on the right side of the FrontPage)

  • name the page [e.g. Trip Overview (2100) ]

  • put it in the Trip Overviews folder

  • choose the MdL Trip Overview Template

  • Create page!

  • link your project page within the Trip Overview page

  • Go to your year's Trip Overview page

  • through the FrontPage >> Trip Overviews folder >> Trip Overview (2100) - or whatever your year is

  • Edit it (click Edit in the top right)

  • Insert a link to your project name in the projects table at the bottom

  • use the Insert link window on the right and find your project name (e.g. Water Quality (2100)

  • if not already there, add your year's Trip Overview page to the Sidebar

  • through the FrontPage, click Edit Sidebar on the right under the Sidebar window

    • if you can't find it, use this link: SideBar

  • click Edit (top left)

  • insert a link to your Trip Overview page in the correct order using the Insert links window on the right

  • Save

  • To edit your new project page

  • go to the page (e.g. FrontPage >> Trip Overview (your year) >> click on the link to your project page [e.g. Water Quality (2100) ]

  • on the top left, next to View, click Edit

  • it is very easy from here (just like any Word editor)

  • to insert links or pictures, use the toolbar on the right

  • to insert videos or more dynamic stuff use: Insert Plugin

  • to attach the custom papers from the ecos webpage, just use a link

    • right click on the link to the report in the ecos website

    • click Properties

    • copy the address under: Address (URL)

    • paste this in as a link in your wiki page

    • refer to this report for any data or extensive specifics

  • link it to previous project pages when appropriate (using toolbar on the right)

  • feel free to be creative with your design and information, though please try to be concise

  • for examples, see the 2005 project pages: Trip Overview (2005)

  • save your page with the Save button on the bottom

  • view it to make sure it looks right and all the links work

  • sometimes the pictures do not work correctly the first time, please just try again.

  • You're done!  Great work!!

Adding YouTube Videos

  • Edit the page on which you want the video
  • Select Insert Plugin
  • Choose Video, then YouTube video
  • Paste in the embed code from YouTube for the selected video
  • Preview to make sure it worked
  • Save page


Adding other types of content

You can embed content from other essay papers in your pages.  The Computer Team 2009 added a Word document using Scribd

Use these directions to use the Insert Plugin feature to add things like calendars, Google Gadgets, number of visitors, slideshows and chat.


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